International Dog Day 2021

We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day so it only makes sense that we have a day dedicated to our best friends; Dog Day. Our dogs are spoiled pretty much every day, as it should be, so it only makes sense to spoil them a tiny tad more with a Canadian dog subscription box (such as a Super PawBox -- if you haven’t already).

What is International Dog Day?

Just a quick history on International Dog Day. International Dog Day was founded on August 26th, 2004 by Colleen Paige, who also founded multiple holidays such as; National Puppy Day, National Cat Day, National Wildlife Day and many more philanthropic days that brings attention to animals around the world and encourages adoption. The significance of August 26th is because that is the day Colleen’s family adopted their first dog, a Sheltie, from their local animal shelter.

International Dog Day is more than just a day to celebrate dogs, the meaning behind this day is to shine light on the millions of stray animals that either end up in shelters, or worse, are poisoned in some parts of the world. Dogs end up as strays for a number of reasons that should always be taken into consideration before bringing them home. The list  is endless but to name a few; they shed too much, they are too much work, they are not trained, and/or are an unwanted present.

A dog or any animal is not an impulse buy that one is excited for for a few days; they are a living, breathing animal that has a heart, that feels fear, happiness, sadness, and loneliness. They are a commitment. Dogs are amazing creatures that love you unconditionally, that save lives, and whose main purpose is to make you happy and to be by your side.

If you are interested in welcoming a fur-baby into your family, it is imperative to take some time and give it some thought. Do your research on what it requires to take care of a dog, what breeds suit your lifestyle (do you want a couch potato or a dog who will accompany you on hikes?). Talk to your Humane Society, ask them questions and see if this is something you can commit to.

How can we celebrate International Dog Day?

Easy! For International Dog Day 2021, you can spend time with your fur-baby, play at-home puppy games with them from one of the toys in your Super PawBox, take them on enrichment walks, cuddle with them, or watch some Paw Patrol. Let them know that you are their forever home, no matter what. You can also donate to your local animal shelter, it can be monetary or some of the dog toys or treats from your dog box. Check out the list of your local shelters here and let's get some tails wagging.

If there is one thing I have learned from Kayo, our Chief Paw Officer, if you can find happiness in the smallest things, you will always be happy. What is something you have learned from your dog? Let us know on Instagram!

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