How Do I Teach My Dog Their Name?

Teaching your pup / dog their name is one of the most important things you can do as a dog parent. Whether you have just welcomed home a puppy or a dog, they may not necessarily know their own name so the best way to teach is only by positive associations with that word.

Training My Dog Their Name:

Whether you have decided to name your dog Bubba, Simba, or even Kayo, you can use the power of positive reinforcement to teach them that the specific word means only good things. 

Let’s get started - grab some of those delicious treats that were included in your Super PawBox, a clicker, your dog, and a positive attitude. Before you begin, make sure you are in a quiet area without distractions so your dog can focus on just you.

The Do’s

  1. When your dog is busy doing something else, say their name in a very high and cheerful tone. The second they give you attention, say “Yes” (or what your reward word may be), click, and reward. Do this a few times.
  2. Once you feel like your dog has gotten the hang of their new found name, start increasing the distance between you and your dog and call their name. As your dog gets more comfortable, up the ante by adding in distractions or moving to a whole new area. 
  3. To build consistency and value in their name, play the game a few times during the day and make sure to keep light and fun! Always have a party for a job well done.

The Don’ts

  1. Never say your dog's name in anger or associate it with anything negative. 
  2. Build distance but don’t throw your dog in the deep end. Always set your dog up for success and make sure to work with them instead of against. If you feel like your dog isn’t getting it, move a step back and practice a few more times.
  3. Once is all we need. Say your dog’s name once. It’s Kayo and not Kayo x 10. You want your dog to respond to just Kayo. 
  4. If your dog isn’t listening to you, play a quick game of chase and run or walk the other direction. Don't yell out your dog’s name, instead move to an area that is less distracting.

Finally being able to give your best friend a name can be very exciting and holds a lot of importance so make sure that the word holds value and don’t associate it with any negativity that could decrease its value.

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