Super PawBox for Toronto's Hottest Startups

Following our interview with Founders Beta, Super PawBox was named amongst 15 other startups as one of the hottest startup companies in Toronto.

"Super PawBox, a monthly Toronto-based Canadian dog box, was started by Alize Bhatia with the aim to help puppy parents through puppyhood. She bootstrapped Super PawBox to a $100k+ annual revenue business within 1 year and continues to actively work to expand the business. In addition to this, as part of their mission to help animals in need, Super PawBox donates a portion of each sale to shelters around the world."

It is absolutely crazy to see Super PawBox on the list for Top 16 Startups in Toronto, given that we only launched it a year ago. It is a very surreal moment when you see something you have worked so hard on be recognized. Thank you, Founders Beta!

- Alize Bhatia, Founder & CEO



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