Behind The Box


We are Alize and Kayo, founders of Super Paw and we want to share with you the vision behind Super Paw and the reason behind starting this company. My first dog was a rescued stray German Shepherd named Rocky. Rocky was an interesting fella. He was a great guard dog and loved to play, which usually meant a game of chase around the yard (imagine a 70 pound German shepherd chasing a 4 year old girl!) which led me to being traumatized by dogs but still loving them. Due to my childhood experience with Rocky, I ardently avoided dogs, until one day I decided I wanted to add one to our family. But first, I had to face my fear. I went to my neighbor who had a Cocker Spaniel named Pebbles and became her best friend. She was different than Rocky in the sense that she wouldn’t chase me around, but instead would just give me hi-5’s in exchange for treats. 

After a few years of begging my dad, we finally welcomed a Poodle named Chloe. Chloe not only gave us a phenomenal 12 years, but she also ignited my love for animals and became my inspiration to build my own animal shelter.

I moved to Canada for university in 2011 and had waited a long time to welcome another dog to the pack. When I brought Kayo home in 2019, I thought it would be easy. Rocky was not trained, Chloe was semi-trained and since I have been levelling up with every dog, Kayo would be fully trained.

I had mentally prepared myself by watching Zak George videos, so training Kayo should have been a breeze, right? Wrong, it was anything but! There were countless nights where I was stressed out about him: house training, socialization, separation anxiety, barking... everything. I had a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish with him, and I had turned into a Tiger Mom. This was all while he was sound asleep. 

Welcoming and preparing for a new puppy was all fun and amazing until reality sat in -- I am responsible for him, I have to ensure his needs are met and that his tail never stops wagging. I have to make sure that he is confident in all aspects. To do this, I went and received help from the local shelter, met amazing people with whom I set up playdates with, reached out to friends, and it became more bearable. I felt that I wasn’t alone.

I created Super Paw so I can do my part in making your dog smile  and make puppyhood less stressful for you. Bringing home a pup can get overwhelming because there is so much information out there; from what is the right way to train your dog to knowing what is appropriate for your pup. This is why we do the heavy lifting for you so you can do your part in being the person your dog sees you as.

Another important part of Super Paw is to give back to rescues all around the world. There are countless animals that have struggled, been abused and who have been given a second chance at life because of rescues. In our eyes, they will always be the real super heroes. 

There is a reason our dog wears a cape, the same reason Superman and Wonder Woman do, to save animals around the world. Let’s change the world together, one paw at a time.

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- Alize & Kayo

Founder & CEO



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