What to expect at 2 months

Written by: Kassie Dickson, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Your puppy is currently going through a human socialization and a fear impact period. This is a critical period in their life where they should be introduced to, and create positive associations with, as many new and different people as possible.

This also means that your pup may be extra sensitive and easy to frighten.  

Things that do frighten your pup can have long-lasting effects, so it is super important to create as many pawsitive associations as possible.


Puppies need your help, they don't "know better" and never do anything out of spite.




Always provide your pup with appropriate chew toys. When you can't supervise your pup, use proper confinement and play areas.

Teach your pup to "trade" up, by giving them a treat for example, if they get a hold of inappropriate items.


Take your puppy out every 5-10 minutes after the following;

  • Eating, drinking
  • Waking up from their nap
  • Anytime you let them out of their confinement or their puppy play area
  • Anytime your pup begins to do circles or sniff an area
Never punish your puppy if you catch them eliminating in the house.

Always reward your puppy when they go outside. Party, reward, & play (in that order)!


"Enjoy this time. You just welcomed your best friend into your life."

Let's get started!


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