What to expect at 9 months

Written by: Kassie Dickson, CDBC, CPDT-KA

At this stage, your puppy's growth is going to start to slow. You may want to speak with your veterinarian about diet and feeding routines.

If you haven’t already made it safely through the teenage phase, beware…this may be it! Just like humans, each pup is different, so there’s no guaranteed time for their development. 

Remember, hope is not lost! Keep up with your training, bring treats back into the mix, use your timeouts, and avoid aversive methods.



Try pairing brain games with grooming exercises. Give your dog a long-lasting treat (pro tip: frozen Kong with some of their favorite treats will do wonders!) while handling.




Grooming is a lifelong part of any dog owner's responsibility. That means that we want to continue creating as many positive associations with being groomed as possible. 

Tip: Continue to use treats to create positive associations with regular brushing, nail trims and baths.

If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to use puzzles to help tire your pup. 



Things like puzzle feeders, snuffle mats, long-lasting treats, and games will help make sure your pup doesn’t become unruly.

Tip: Try hiding a few pieces of kibble in a box or even around the house for your pup to find and enjoy.



Teaching your pup to settle on cue is very important. When your dog can settle, we can desensitize loud noises, distractions, and more. 

This helps to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress, as well as an arousal overload. You can begin teaching the settle command by placing your dog on a mat, or in a down and rewarding calm behavior, gradually increasing difficulty.


"You want your dog to explore and socialize safely without fear of repercussion.

Having a dog not afraid to try new things is a blessing." 🙏 

- Kassie Dickson, CPDT-KA

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