What to expect at 4 months

Written by: Kassie Dickson, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Your puppy is still learning all about their environment. Keep training sessions short and successful. If you haven’t already, enroll in a positive puppy socialization class.

Our dogs don’t learn right from wrong and we can’t expect our puppy to “know better.”

We have to set them up for success in as many situations as possible by managing their environment to create good, lasting behaviors, and avoid the mistakes that create unwanted ones.


Your pup will start to get their adult teeth soon. It is time to switch up from your pups’ favourite toys and chews. This is meant not only for mental stimulation, but also allowing them to chew on appropriate items.



Your pup should now know sit and lie down. We want them to understand these behaviors independent of one another.

Start with your pup in a sit or down position with a treat between your fingers. Show it to your puppy and lure it up and forward, away from their body. As soon as your pup is standing with 4 paws on the floor, mark and reward!

Make sure to practice sit and lie down from a standing position as well as going from a down into a sit and a down into a stand.


This behavior is critical and could save your dog's life.

Teach this position by waiting for your puppy to either back away or move away from covered treats or kibble.

Take a pile of either treats or kibble, and hold it into a closed fist or on a surface covered by your hand. Your dog will try to get those treats, but the second they either stop, move away, back away or even look away, mark and reward, have a party!, and feed your puppy treats from another hand.

It’s important for your puppies to problem solve and learn, that offering this behavior is very rewarding!

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"Train where ever you go. Your dog is constantly learning with every interaction through cause and effect". 

- Kassie Dickson, CPDT-KA


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