What to expect at 11 months

Written by: Kassie Dickson, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Your pup will be turning 1 year old. That means it is time to pawty for doing such an amazing job! 🎉

You got through this by keeping calm, consistent, and by using positive reinforcement. Celebrate. 🍷 

It is also time for your pup's yearly check-up with the vet. Make sure you talk to your vet about any concerns that you may have.

Enquire about preventative care for your pup like heart-worm or flea-and-tick medication so you're always one step ahead of those pesky bugs.



Continue to challenge your pup by asking for known behaviors in more and more distracting environments.




If you start to notice unwanted behaviors (such as digging, destructive chewing, and/or excessive barking) pop up, take a look at 3 things; environment, stimulation, and exercise.

Have you set your puppy up for success by managing their environment? This can be doing things like putting shoes in the closet instead of leaving them out, and making sure clothing, such as socks, and small items, such as kids' toys, are out of their reach when your dog is not supervised.

Are they acting out, due to boredom? Use some mental stimulation to keep your pup's brain tuckered.

Have they missed their daily run or walk? Chewing is something our pups do to relieve tension and stress as well as burn energy. 

Always assess why your pup may be acting out and never punish them for something they don’t understand. Replace the behaviors with something appropriate or better yet, up their enrichment!


Happy Birthday, Pup. Have that steak, play some frisbee, give a paw-5; what ever gets your tail wagging. You deserve it because you're the best. 🍾🥩


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